Visitor Info

Thank you for visiting the Angelina Church of Christ website. If you have visited us during one of our services then we would like to thank you for your attendance and invite you back at your earliest convenience. If you have not visited us during one of our services, or would like to know more about us, then please take a moment to let us walk you through a typical worship service.

After passing through the foyer you will enter the auditorium. There will be rows of chairs for those worshiping. There are no reserved seats, so you may sit where you please.


Next we will begin singing. The Angelina congregation really loves to sing to God. You will find a song book directly under the chair in front of you. When the song leader announces the number you can turn to that number to find the words to the music.

One of the unique things about the church of Christ is that the music is acappella; that is, we sing with our voices without the accompaniment of musical instruments. This is a conviction and a preference with us. We seek to worship according to the New Testament pattern, and since it excludes instrumental music we feel it is best to exclude it, too. If you have never heard acappella singing, we think you will learn to really enjoy it. Everyone is encouraged to sing along with us.


Prayers are a key part of our worship to the Lord. There will be several prayers during the service. These prayers will be led by various brothers in the church and sometimes include petitions for special needs or requests.


One of the key elements in our time together on Sunday mornings is communion, also called the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper is observed by churches of Christ every Sunday. Again, the reason is our desire to follow the New Testament teaching. The first century church celebrated this observance on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7). In addition to the Biblical text, respected historians state that in the early centuries the communion was an every Sunday commemoration. During this part of the service plates containing pieces of unleavened bread will be passed throughout the congregation. The bread symbolizes the body of Jesus.

Those partaking will break off a piece and eat it. Next trays filled with small cups will be distributed. The cups contain fruit of the vine, which is grape juice, symbolizing the blood of Christ. Each participant will drink the contents of one of the cups. The Lord’s Supper is for Christians. If you do not participate, simply pass the tray to the person next to you.


Directly following communion, containers will be passed around to collect the weekly financial offering. As our guest, you are not expected to make a donation. We would like a record of your attendance. We would like to encourage you to fill out a visitor’s card, in the pouch on the seat in front of you, and hand it to the end of the aisle to be picked up.


In the church of Christ, the preacher does not have a special title. We don’t refer to him as Pastor or Reverend. We may refer to him as “Brother.” He won’t be wearing any special clothing which sets him apart. The reason for this is our belief in the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:5). That is why you will notice that many different brothers will lead singing or prayers, etc. The sermon will be Bible-centered, relevant, practical and approximately thirty minutes in length. We encourage you to bring your own copy of God’s Word when you worship with us.

End of Service

At the conclusion of the message, the preacher will extend what is called an “invitation.” This is simply an expedient time to invite those who, are moved to do so, to express their commitment to God or request prayer support. He will encourage those who wish to respond to come to the front of the auditorium while the congregation stands and sings a hymn. Don’t feel uncomfortable during this invitation. You will not be singled out in any way. There may be several who respond, or none. Some may request baptism. Some may confess sins. Some may place membership with this congregation. The great thing is that if anyone responds for baptism, you will witness it right then and there. The baptism will be into Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

What Kind of People You Will Meet

One of the questions you most likely have about the Angelina family is, “What kind of people will I meet there?” Here you will find a group of friendly people in all age and class categories. You will find a group of normal, everyday, hard-working families who strive to do the work and will of the Lord. What you will not find is “perfect” people, but you will find people who are striving to be what the Lord asks them to be, spurring one another on to be better. There are no perfect people, but imperfect people, striving to serve a perfect Savior. We hope that you will come and visit us any time you have a chance–you will be welcomed with loving, open arms.