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Angelina church of Christ offers World Bible School studies. World Bible School is a program that offers free Bible study courses through e-mail correspondence to one of our elders. The study guides you through the basics of the Bible and will develop and enrich your spiritual life. This course will be beneficial to you if you are new to the word, or if you are already a dedicated believer. To enroll please send an e-mail to

India Evangelism

India Evangelism has been a vital force in India since 1992. This work is under the sponsorship of the Angelina church of Christ and is led by Hershel Bearden, who has been a part of that work from the beginning. He has labored on a full-time basis since 1999 to establish churches, edify existing congregations and multiply benevolent assistance. About 4 months a year is spent in India, and the remaining months are dedicated to raising funds for the overall work.
The goal of India Evangelism is to assist, but not make the Indian preachers or churches dependent upon foreign aid. Bibles, songbooks, Preacher Training Schools, Gospel Meetings, general benevolence and assistance with church buildings are valuable tools to aid in the development and strengthening of the church.
The Courtney Swann/Matthew McCartney Children’s home was established in 2004 and has maintained an average of about 110 needy children. The children attend educational institutions according to their abilities, have Bible training and are provided with the necessities of life. A scholarship fund has been established for those who wish to go to college. We have already had our first group of young people to graduate from college and technical school. 
Nearly 418 “Building Without Walls” have been built. This is an 18′ x 30′ skeletal building which the local church must finish. It will seat 125 people.  The foundation, pillars and roof are made of concrete with steel rods. To qualify, a church must have their own land and the property must be in the church’s name. The buildings cost $5000.  Some people have chosen to donate and build a building in memory or honor of a loved one.
Brother Bearden has taken many people with him on his evangelistic tours.
Churches may recommend a candidate for such trips. Christian men and women are used according to their talents. Each must pay their own expenses.
Thousands have been baptized and hundreds of churches established. Many churches now have elders.

Hershel Bearden may be reached at the church office (936-634-4555) or:


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